Data Protection, Simplified

Build a comprehensive data protection program that works for your business.


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Reduce Data Protection Complexity and Ease Compliance Burdens for Your Internal Teams

Protect intellectual property (IP), personally identifiable information (PII), and other sensitive data from constantly evolving internal and external threats—and meet compliance and customer demands with confidence.

Data Protection Expertise at Your Service

Managed data protection services provide the resources and expertise you need to demonstrate compliance, protect sensitive information, and prevent Intellectual Property theft—effectively and efficiently.

As a trusted partner for your internal staff, our professional data security teams provide comprehensive and coordinated services, increasing your program maturity and managing complexity as your organization’s data protection needs evolve.


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Comprehensive Data Security Services

To protect your critical data assets, you must understand the data, the business processes, and the people—as well as the technology tools needed for a security solution.

InteliSecure offers a full range of data protection services that focus on protecting companies’ most important data at rest, in use, or in motion—whether inside the firewall or in the cloud.

Enabling Effective Data Protection

Learn how a pivotal shift can simplify data protection in your dynamic enterprise.

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Seamlessly Integrate Security Technology

As a vendor-neutral data security provider, InteliSecure integrates information security solutions from some of the world’s leading vendors.

To enhance program transparency, we develop technology augmentation solutions leveraging robust APIs. Our cloud-native, user-friendly solutions provide a window into the workings of your data security program, enabling easy access to data, reporting, and security event and program management.

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Bridge the Gap Between Data Security and Business Demands

Companies need to protect their critical data assets—at all times and in every format—from external and internal threats. Data protection must be affordable, reliable, and adaptable to regulatory and business changes.



Protect data regardless of where it resides—or where users are working.

Businesses today operate both on premises and in the cloud, and remote working is a permanent model. Leverage technology solutions that are flexible and agile enough to accommodate rapid shifts in business requirements and data use.

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“Working with InteliSecure, we’re now protecting against theft and accidental disclosure of sensitive information by our employees and partners. For example, we use InteliSecure Policy Packs, prewritten, configurable policies to address specific requirements, to protect people from making a mistake that will compromise data. We’ve reduced insider threat by 62%.”

— MANAGER, INFOSEC, Manufacturing Company


“With InteliSecure, I have full visibility into the location and use of our sensitive data. We’ve improved visibility by 92%, significantly reducing risk to our financials and reputation.”

— CISO, Regional Bank

Prioritize which data to secure—and how.

Start by understanding which data assets need to be protected and which threats pose a legitimate issue. Choose a partner with expertise in data protection for regulated industries, Information Security, regulatory compliance, and cloud technology.

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Meet compliance demands—fast.

Reduce the burden on internal information security staff and eliminate the time and effort of researching, deploying, and customizing technology to support compliance and governance requirements. Build a managed data protection services partnership with a provider that can provide proof of compliance quickly.

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“InteliSecure’s managed data protection service is automatically updated to reflect the latest regulations and threats. They’ve taken that burden off my plate. Also, the service comes with audit-ready documentation which includes pre-written policies mapped to the regulations they support, cutting our audit prep time by 85%.”

— SVP/CIO, Regional Bank


“InteliSecure’s preconfigured reports arm me with the data I need to report on risk in terms business execs understand. They also help me demonstrate the business value and ROI of our security investments.”

— CISO, Financial Institution

Justify data-security spending.

Meet business demands, navigate the complex and constantly changing threat and compliance landscape, and demonstrate outstanding ROI in language that CEOs and CFOs can understand. Leverage cost-effective solutions that are easy to use yet demonstrate value with clear, easy-to-produce and easy-to-read reports for stakeholders and auditors.

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Trust: Build on a Secure Foundation

InteliSecure holds top industry certifications, including ISO 27001, PCI DSS 3.2, and HIPAA, and our teams successfully process millions of security events in our Security Operations Centers, dramatically reducing data security complexity and relieving your Information Security burdens.
 Additionally, our penetration testing partners at Rootshell hold Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) and Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP) certifications as well as certifications from CREST, CHECK, Cyber Essentials, and Tigerscheme.


Certifications and Professional Accreditations


ISO 27001

InteliSecure is a certified ISO 27001:2013 organization. Developed by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 27001 is an international standard relating to the protection of data through the development, implementation, ongoing management and improvement of an information security management system.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) includes a set of national standards to protect sensitive patient information. InteliSecure provides policy packs and strategic program design to help healthcare organizations prevent inadvertent, unauthorized, or malicious transmission or use of specific Protected Health Information (PHI) data elements.


PCI DSS is a set of security standards administered by the PCI Security Standards Council made up of the leading credit card companies in the industry. The standard is designed to ensure that all companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. While InteliSecure does not directly handle client credit card information, we help organizations protect this information from accidental or malicious exposure.