InteliSecure Update


Steven Drew, CEO

Active Innovation for the Road Ahead

2020 marks our fourth annual Global Client Summit. Over the years, the participation from you, our clients, has been tremendous. It’s one thing to participate—it’s another to collaborate. That’s what these summits are all about. When you speak up, we listen—and we build our programs and solutions around what you need. Let’s continue the conversation!

“The disruptions we’ve all experienced this year are not an excuse to halt innovation. Now more than ever, we’ve got to innovate, adapt, and respond to our external environment to protect what matters most. We have to keep the dialog going.”

– Steven Drew | CEO

ROI: What’s the Takeaway?


This presentation offers an update on the state of InteliSecure’s business, highlighting our commitment to maintaining our dedicated focus on protecting your critical data assets. You’ll learn how that focus has guided recent changes, including:

  • Moving penetration testing services to our joint-services partner, Rootshell
  • New innovations and platform enhancements such as Aperture
  • Expansion of our physical infrastructure through our new SOC in Saipan

A Q&A concludes this session.


Next Steps: Actions to Carry this Forward


  • Review with your internal teams the changes and challenges YOUR business has faced this year.
  • Determine how you’d like to better align your business needs and goals with InteliSecure’s managed data protection services.
  • Contact your Client Strategy Manager and provide feedback, ask for what you need, and keep the conversation open.

We’re here to help, contact us about actualizing your security plans.


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