Microsoft 365 DLP: Is this Enterprise-Ready Data Protection?


Skyler Butler, Director of Product Management


Maintaining the Focus on Data Protection

Many organizations are under pressure to save costs, maximize the value of their current spend, or consolidate vendors. Is Microsoft’s 365 DLP suite a viable, enterprise-ready solution for meeting these objectives?

“Microsoft is in a mode of constant innovation with its DLP solutions. When features are constantly changing, it can be difficult to keep up. But all this activity also shows Microsoft’s commitment to continually improve and develop new capabilities.”

– Skyler Butler | Director of Product ManagementTitle

ROI: What’s the Takeaway?


In this presentation, you’ll learn about Microsoft’s available data loss prevention services, discover how those services work, and determine how the suite might serve your organization’s data protection program. You’ll also learn about the possible availability of funding from Microsoft to assist you in moving to their services.


Next Steps: Actions to Carry this Forward


  • Review your Microsoft license to determine what DLP offerings are already available to you.
  • Conduct a security technology discovery to find out where you have gaps and overlaps between Microsoft and other enterprise security tools.
  • Establish a roadmap for selecting and moving to your chosen Microsoft DLP solutions.

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