The Future of Aperture and InteliSecure


Skyler Butler, Director of Product Management
Kyle Armstrong, Senior Development Operations Engineer


Roadmap for Comprehensive Data Protection Services

The launch of InteliSecure’s Aperture platform this year was just the start of an important journey. Learn how we’re planning to improve your experience and success with the platform, close visibility gaps in Microsoft 365 DLP tools, and stay ahead of the needs of your organizations.

“Where we see the need to evolve security is to enable better visibility so that responses can be clearer and faster. Aperture is another way we can continually narrow down and fine tune information for our clients. Aperture is that lens—that focus—to enable you to say instantly, ‘We see and understand the problem; let’s tackle the solution.’”

– Kyle Armstrong | Senior Development Operations Engineer

ROI: What’s the Takeaway?


Learn about the exciting upcoming enhancements to our Microsoft 365 Data Protection platform, Aperture, and how it will develop meet your ongoing data protection strategy. We’ll also preview new technology integrations, partnerships, and capabilities that you can take advantage of to get even greater value from your managed data protection program.


Next Steps: Actions to Carry this Forward


  • Consider your current and future Microsoft use.
  • Analyze gaps and overlaps to determine where you can reduce duplicate tools and costs.
  • Get Aperture up and running—get a demo and try it out.

We’re here to help, contact us about actualizing your security plans.


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