SASE and Zero Trust: Take the First Steps to Secure the Digitally Transformed Enterprise


Jeremy Wittkop, CTO


Simplify the Journey, Start Where You Are

Many organizations want to embrace next-generation security frameworks like SASE and Zero Trust, but it is difficult to know where to start. You’re likely to encounter a significant amount of misleading information in the marketplace, which can derail your efforts. However, you can take logical steps today to begin that journey—starting with opportunities for leveraging your existing investments.

“Zero trust is not a destination but a direction. When you aim your compass toward North, you don’t necessarily go all the way to the North Pole—but you want to head that way. If Zero Trust is the direction you’d like to head, SASE is the road to take you there.”

– Jeremy Wittkop | CTO

ROI: What’s the Takeaway?


In this session, you will gain an understanding of the popular SASE and Zero Trust concepts and see a typical journey towards implementing those approaches. You will learn that both SASE and Zero Trust are architectural concepts (not products) that are measured on a continuum (not a destination). You’ll see how to begin your journey, starting with the current investments in your program.


Next Steps: Actions to Carry this Forward

  • Explain SASE and Zero Trust to your internal stakeholders.
  • Establish organizational goals and time frames for implementing these architectures.
  • Understand what products and services play a role in these architectures.
  • Cut through the marketing spin to understand whether your current investments are getting your organization closer to your intended destination.

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