6 Aperture Features that Bring Microsoft DLP to Life

Jeremy Wittkop, CTO


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InteliSecure clients have let us know they want to make the most of the data protection tools in the Microsoft ecosystem. We have stepped in to help with our new Aperture platform, a single-pane-of-glass solution that reduces the time and complexity of security event management for Microsoft products including Office 365 DLP, Cloud App Security (CAS), and Azure Information Protection (AIP).

As we approach the end of our beta-test of the platform, we are excited about the results our test clients have seen. Early adopters have reported:

    • a 75-80% reduction in incident-management effort when compared against a similar third-party toolset—on day one
    • average cost reduction of 50% after tool consolidation

Now, it’s time to let everyone see Aperture’s capabilities.

Through its intuitive interface, Aperture helps our clients understand and react to events that are processed broadly across the Microsoft platform. Many of the enhanced features of other security platforms are part of Aperture.

Let’s take a look at six features that will transform the way you use your Microsoft security tools. Read on below—or watch our 5-minute video introduction.

Meaningful Metrics

Your Aperture dashboard shows you a variety of metrics including:

  • New security incidents
  • Incidents over time
  • A trend line, revealing patterns of incident frequency
  • Mean time to response
  • Incident escalation

Aperture Dashboard

Incident View

The Aperture Incident View provides a higher-resolution view of your indents compared to what you’d see in the reporting from individual Microsoft products. Aperture provides:

  • Incident search capability
  • Status, by category
  • Immediate escalation
  • Affected users (including the user that originated the incident)
  • Attributes of the incident
  • History of actions related to the incident

Aperture Incident View

Historical Radar

A graphical representation of the history of the user indicates whether the incidents they generate are trending up or down—and the context of those incidents. Are the incidents:

  • Authorized business processes?
  • False positives?
  • Unauthorized business processes?

Integrated Policy Management, Custom Attributes, and Status

In Aperture, policies are linked to multiple products.

  • Edit policies in one place and apply them across products
  • Assign attributes, with optional bindings to Active Directory
  • Assign status and present status options to users

Role-Based Access Control

Access control is essential to comprehensive data protection models such as Zero Trust and Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) models.

  • Assign roles to users based on what you want them to be able to see in the console
  • See and manage the permissions each role has

Bonus: Built-In Ticket Submission

This feature allows you to communicate directly with your InteliSecure Managed Data Protection Services team to solves issues such as:

  • Incident questions
  • Policy management questions
  • System performance questions

Cloud-Native Visibility into YOUR Data Protection Challenges

Microsoft data protection tools offer an array of security capabilities, enhanced over the last few years by a concentrated investment in security solutions such as Office 365 DLP, CAS, and AIP. These tools are bolstered by enterprise-level capabilities such as Exact Data Matching (EDM), fingerprinting, and customized data identifiers.

For many of our clients, making the most of these tools has become a mission. For some, it’s a mandate. And it certainly makes sense for companies to use the tools they already own—through their Microsoft E3 and E5 licenses—to consolidate vendors and tools.

InteliSecure built Aperture to enable a comprehensive, effective, enterprise-level data protection program by utilizing what you already have.

Take a closer look at the Aperture platform.


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