600,000 Customers Data Sliced from Domino’s Pizza



You may have seen this week’s news that 600,000 customer records were stolen from pizza chain Domino’s, yet again raising questions about just how seriously large corporations and big brands are taking data protection. It is the second time in less than a month that we have seen customers’ personal details compromised after the records of 145 million people were affected by a breach of eBay’s networks.

For a period of time hackers had turned their attentions away from big businesses as they were seen as too tough a target and as a result they turned their attentions to smaller, less resourced targets. However, it would appear that in this period larger organisations have become complacent in their security practices and hackers have been quick to once again re-focus their efforts onto big, data rich organisations.

Although it is not certain exactly what records have been affected, it is staggering that the personal details of so many customers were seemingly left unencrypted and susceptible to this kind of attack – especially when you consider the warning shots that have been issued with previous high profile attacks.  The possibility that a large organisation could even consider leaving data as plain text on a server is surprising to say the least.

Business of all sizes should be reviewing their data handling and storage practices as a matter of urgency in the coming days and weeks to ensure that they are not unwittingly offering an easy target for hackers.  You can find a more detail comment about this from Pentura MD Steve Smith on the security portal, Net Security, here.