Critical Asset Protection Approach & Methodology

Proven, Measurable and Effective

Organizations are swimming in data and becoming more interconnected with partners and vendors on the “Global Electronic Nervous System” every day. InteliSecure works in cooperation with you to plan, implement and maintain a Critical Asset Protection Program (CAPP) that clearly defines what assets are deemed most important to your organization based on revenue, income, reputation and core operational impact. Whether your critical data is intangible (e.g. a CAD file of a new product design) or tangible (e.g. a server farm providing transaction processing), InteliSecure has developed a methodology that provides a risk-based, cost-effective program.

We assess the human aspect of protecting critical assets, from executive level program buy-in to the available resources to maintain the necessary levels of protection. InteliSecure then leverages its extensive experience in designing, building and maintaining Information Security Management Systems based on the ISO 27000 standard to ensure optimal process design has been applied. Quality management concepts are the foundation for successfully measuring the program, allowing timely and accurate decision making, and greater risk reduction and operational efficiencies. Assessment of existing technologies and opportunities for new security tools is a key component of our approach when developing CAPPs. InteliSecure team members are experts at evaluating an organization’s current capabilities and finding the right balance of people, process and technology to effectively build and maintain effective security programs.