Aperture: Improving Data Protection Outcomes for Microsoft DLP

Skyler Butler, Director of Product Management


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You’ve Moved into Microsoft 365 Cloud. What’s Next?

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

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For most organizations, data protection programs are guided by two aims:

  1. Ensure compliance and comprehensive data protection
  2. Simplify and reduce the costs of information security as much as possible

Achieving these seemingly conflicting goals is not easy. Data loss prevention (DLP) efforts require an enormous dedication of time, effort, and money—and a complex array of technology tools. It’s no wonder that companies are looking for ways to consolidate and streamline their data protection programs.

Many organizations may find a viable answer in the Microsoft licenses they already own.

Microsoft has invested in significant advances in its security toolset, providing built-in DLP solutions in Office 365 and Teams, adding Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS), and enabling Azure Information Protection (AIP) in cloud repositories. Companies are recognizing the opportunity Microsoft offers for consolidating their security tools.

The problem? Few companies use these tools, and even fewer use them effectively.

Because Microsoft data protection solutions are not integrated with each other, using them adds another layer of complexity and makes it difficult to get a complete picture of your security posture.

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, InteliSecure is able to help companies leverage the valuable security tools in their Microsoft licenses through our Aperture™ platform.

Even more important, Aperture provides the essential human element companies need to meet their goals of compliance, simplification, and cost reduction.

Meeting Your Critical Needs to Protect Your Critical Assets

Information security and data protection technologies have become increasingly sophisticated. However, most are designed to address a specific security need. Today’s security landscape requires an integrated approach to ensure effective management and response to security events.

Currently, no single product or platform offers that complete integration. For companies that are ready to consolidate their security toolset and leverage Microsoft’s powerful data protection capabilities, it is essential to remember the importance of the human element in the equation.

InteliSecure’s Aperture platform enables clarity for your internal security teams, providing a single-pane-of-glass view for them to detect, respond, escalate, and communicate events that are generated in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Aperture is more than just an interface. It is powered by our proven Managed Data Protection Services. Behind the scenes, our AI systems, methodologies, and people support the business benefits you need for a strong security posture:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Effective reporting
  • Timely incident management


Efficiency has taken on a fresh meaning in this age of Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing. Cloud applications create enormous efficiency gains for processing, analyzing, and delivering services to our clients and end users. And they create the perception that every deliverable happens automatically—almost as if by magic.

That perception masks the value and importance of the human interactions that make those deliverables happen. Security event management is a perfect example. The data protection tools you use generate thousands of security events every day. Event triage requires a dedicated team to manage, understand, and facilitate large volumes of data. Aperture sifts through the noise and enables your teams to focus their attention on the information that matters most.

This focus is made possible by the experience and efficiency of our internal teams. In just the past 5 years, InteliSecure has classified and processed more than 50 million events for more than 80 clients. Our teams leverage machine learning tools and decades of experience to provide the most accurate and fastest-possible classification of events.

The result? Your teams can quickly focus on the events that are novel, indeterminate, or highly critical risks to your business.


What happens next? A security workflow is the process by which you navigate events, evaluate them, and take action. To establish a workflow, you must be able to:

  • Receive event alerts
  • Identify events (What event number? Where is it located? How do I access it?)
  • Classify events
  • Collaborate and document actions
  • Respond and mitigate potential risk

And in data protection, all these workflow steps are highly time sensitive.

Aperture makes a coherent and logical workflow possible by:

  • Centralizing events from all your Microsoft tools together into a single-pane-of-glass view
  • Providing standardized workflows and runbooks to ensure everyone is on the same page
  • Enabling alerts and emails to provide multiple communication layers
  • Embedding comments in the workflow to ensure full context
  • Providing any number of custom statuses, classifications, and processes that you require

This centralized, intuitive interface gives your team a single source of truth about what occurred and how it was processed as the event travels through its lifecycle.


In the information security profession, success depends not just on providing protection from risk but also communicating the value of that effort to the decision makers at the company.

Aperture provides a superior reporting solution that goes beyond the typical pre-canned dashboards. The platform and utilizes Microsoft’s API to deliver all of the details, events, users, behavioral metrics, and risk classifications to our visualization and business intelligence tool.

The Aperture report portal allows you to display the data your stakeholders need to see, providing easy-to-use reports that highlight the value of your security tools and services.

If you cannot find a particular report, InteliSecure’s senior Security Analysts are available to assist in building the report you need. The report portal is an included benefit of InteliSecure Managed Data Protection Services.

Incident Management

When a security event is escalated to an incident, organizations must bring to bear all the power of their cross-team resources, put in hours of investigations, review and revise security policies, and more.

In most security tools, there is no way to capture and document incident management. That means every incident management process must start from scratch, even when an incident is similar to a previous occurrence.

With Aperture, your Security Analyst team can utilize the platform features—custom classifications, comments, and correlations—in highly searchable system to quickly recall and provide the feedback from documented events on demand.

The ability to close the feedback loop on the incident management process is an invaluable bonus. It enables our team and yours to sharpen the incident management process, speed responses, and quickly communicate outcomes.

Building Better Security Outcomes—Cost-Effectively

Over its more than 17 years, InteliSecure has started all our client relationships with a guiding principle:

Don’t build a program to support a technology. Build a program to solve a business problem. Then select a technology that best compliments your program.

For our clients who work with Microsoft technologies, the challenges of integrating their disparate security tools have long been a barrier to building a comprehensive data protection program. With Aperture, InteliSecure can now help you get the security outcomes you need—with the Microsoft tools you already own.

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