Back from RootedCon 2010 | InteliSecure



I know, I didn’t write anything about the Rootedcon as I promised last week but following the congress I came up with some new ideas and I have been busy coding them.I don’t know how to describe the congress. Simply amazing is a good approach. I met a lot of fantastic people and saw a lot of friends again. And, of course, we talked and learnt about security, so, what more I can ask for?The first day (the Thursday) we had some less technical sessions about how to start a career as pentesterand the actual situation of the national (Spanish) security. We also received a very interesting speach about computer forensics. The day ended in a pub near the congress place talking with the speakers and meeting people I only know from Internet.Friday was a very intense day. The most technical sessions took place on this day. Also the CTF (Capture The Flag) tournament started. It was a shame that I was unable to participate, but I didn’t want to miss any of the sessions, maybe next year! 

 We saw some 0-days exploits in the conferences: One for airodump, another for a support ActiveX program widely use in some big companies such as Telefonica and Symantec and others for the Oracle Financials 12. The most technical speach was the presentation of the Radare2 tool. Very low level programming and high level concepts which was difficult for me to understand. I’ll try to download it and understand better how it works and how to use it.Last day the sessions were very interesting too. Android forensic, metadata security, cryptography, botnets and one about hackers in the comics too! It was a very good mix of themes to finish the event. Also we had dinner with almost all the speakers so we kept talking about security even after three days. After dinner we went to a party but I’m not going to comment on this… 

I have to admit that after the congress I was really tired but also shocked! I met all these incredible people who know a lot about security making me realise that I need to keep studying and researching because out there are more things that I can imagine… and I want to learn them all!P.S. I’ll try to add the slides of the rest of the speaks when they release them. They release the slides today and you can see them online at Slideshare.