Quick check of possible malware

Today I found a really useful website that I want to share with you. Sometimes we come to some files that “looks dangerous” and we want to check them. For these cases I always use VirusTotal service, that checks the file against more than 40 antivirus programs. But sometimes this can be really slow… and the queue so long!! And if you are like me, you want the results now!

For those impatient (and a bit adventurous) is a web site name “Find a Hash” that have a database with almost 40k MD5 hashes of files. These are well know files in the default installation of some operating systems or already analysed malware files. We can perform a quick check here while waiting for our VirusTotal check to be completed.

Also looks like you can perform queries using DNS but this is too geeky that I decided not to try by myself, a web interface is enough for me 😛