Ubertooth – Bluetooth Sniffing Updated for 2014!

Earlier I noticed this tweet on my twitter feed: Ubertooth release: https://t.co/cCYHNf34Yc I know it’s been a long time coming, I promise not to leave it so long next time. — Dominic Spill (@dominicgs) February 20, 2014 So I thought I would walk you through the update, which has improved Operating System support, improved Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) support, and GitHub integration to make community development easier….

Security Tips for 2014

Based on the number of different types of attack over the previous year (2013).  Pentura thought they would release a small list of possible actions and supporting programs/tools that can be used to secure your assets in 2014. Back-up your data. (OSX – Time Machine, Windows – Acronis Backup Software, Linux – many solutions) Don’t use public WiFi AccessPoints without a VPN (e.g. Cloak, OpenVPN to a home server) Configure…