Ubertooth – Bluetooth Sniffing Updated for 2014!

Earlier I noticed this tweet on my twitter feed: Ubertooth release: https://t.co/cCYHNf34Yc I know it’s been a long time coming, I promise not to leave it so long next time. — Dominic Spill (@dominicgs) February 20, 2014 So I thought I would walk you through the update, which has improved Operating System support, improved Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) support, and GitHub integration to make community development easier….

Ubertooth – Open-Source Bluetooth Sniffing

Background A few years ago, some security minded people and academics started looking into BlueTooth (BT) sniffing.  Commercial solutions were expensive, and the community really needed something cheap/affordable. The names: Dominic Spill & Andrea Bittau, I think were the pioneers that discovered that some cheap $30(USD) BT dongles could be re-flashed to a firmware that supported BT sniffing, and they created the Open-Source program csrsniff (http://darkircop.org/bt/bt.tgz), that allowed you to…