SDR – ADS-B Decoding: dump1090 (Linux/OSX)

Previously, I covered RTL1090 to observe ADS-B signals on the Microsoft Windows Operating System. In this post post I will walk you through the simple operation of the Linux & OSX equivalent dump1090.  This Open-Source package performs just as good as its Windows counterpart, maybe even better as no additional mapping software is necessary. Source Code git clone

Python Warp 9 – PyPy Beta For Raspberry Pi

Back in May, the Raspberry Pi Foundation mentioned that they had been sponsoring the development of the ARM port of PyPy, the high-performance Python interpreter. The team released a first beta of the upcoming 2.1 release, which for the first time adds ARM as an officially supported architecture. You can see the announcement here, and download binaries for Raspbian here. Give it a spin and let us know what you think. The tests below…

IR Blue – Cheap Open Source Thermal Imaging

For those that missed it RHWorkshop started a Kickstarter project back in December 2012; to build an Open Source, Cheap and Affordable Thermal Imaging Camera, for use with Apple IOS or Android devices.  Thermal Imaging Cameras typically cost approximately $1,500USD,  this device costs $160USD (just over 10% of the value, compared to a professional piece of kit).

…Yellow for a slice of Pineapple Pi…

First we brought you “Blue for the Pineapple…” a cheap Access Point and hack to make the Pineapple Project more affordable for students/researchers or even pentesters as a cheap expendable throwaway pwn-box. The plan to port the Pineapple was always on the cards, especially after the successful port to the TPLink AP.  After several inquisitive comments and emails we bring you an update… …a slice of Pineapple Pi .