Reverse DOM XSS

I came recently with an idea about how to exploit a DOM XSS vulnerability that it might be worth sharing here so others can use this trick, adapt it and defeat some poor filters with a little of JavaScript and some creativity. During an engagement I found a piece of code similar to this one: <a href=”#” onclick=”goToWebsite(this, ‘url’,¬† ‘/ShowInfo.php?id=[INJECTION]&category=CARS’);”> The code behind goToWebsite was something like this: function goToWebsite(e,…

… Green For The Anti-Pineapple

Background Following on from the previous Post (Blue for the Pineapple…). I now want to introduce the Anti-Pineapple! Your probably asking the question “How do you create an Anti-Pineapple?” The answer is quite simple; by conducting a review of the security measures installed on the Pineapple device itself; it should be quite easy to create a list of possible scenarios and counter-measures.