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Why Broadcom?

Before Broadcom acquired the Symantec Enterprise business, Symantec DLP and CASB were widely regarded as technology leaders. Since the acquisition, extensive disinformation in the marketplace has clouded the future of the technology. From all indications, including from Broadcom themselves, Information Security will still be a core area of investment moving forward.

Broadcom is very different from Symantec. They are not as interested in acquiring new customers as they are in keeping their current customers happy—specifically the customers that are of strategic importance to them. This leads to divergent experiences for clients depending where they fall into that hierarchy.

However, regardless of where your organization falls, if you want to maximize your Broadcom technology, InteliSecure can help.

Why InteliSecure for Broadcom?

Broadcom’s customers are segmented into three categories. The largest global customers are known as Core and receive account management, strategy, and support from dedicated Broadcom sales and technical resources.

The smallest customers, categorized as Commercial, do not have a dedicated Broadcom contact and are supported through distribution resources.

The Digital segment falls in between these two categories and includes customers of substantial size and spend with a clear need for data security solutions. These customers have limited access to Broadcom sales contacts and resources, so the Broadcom account team works closely with partners like InteliSecure to assist in selling to, managing, and supporting these customers.

InteliSecure has achieved the highest level of certification and is a go-to resource for the Digital segment. Many organizations in this group face challenges around staffing and managing the solutions needed for compliance and security. InteliSecure helps organizations fill that gap. The result is a comprehensive, customized managed security solution designed to reduce the complexity of data protection.

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“The Broadcom acquisition of Symantec has been very disruptive for our organization. We have a number of Broadcom solutions and were heavily reliant upon Symantec Professional Services and technical support to help us enable our technology and solve problems. Since the acquisition, much of the support we relied upon has evaporated. We were on the verge of abandoning the technology when we were introduced to InteliSecure. Now, we have all the support we need to maximize our Broadcom investment and we are getting better outcomes for less money than when we were using Symantec services. InteliSecure has converted a significant risk to a significant positive impact both for our budget and our overall security posture.”

—CISO, Insurance Organization

InteliSecure FX Service Packs

InteliSecure has such deep expertise with the Broadcom technology, our engineers have gone so far as to develop patent-pending code to augment the technology with advanced capabilities.

InteliSecure has developed features such as auto-categorization, which is a machine learning algorithm that can vastly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the event triage process. InteliSecure has also developed capabilities designed to organize like events into cases and identify and respond to repeat offenders that are not native to the technology.

If you are a current Broadcom client, whether you are simply looking for enhanced support or a fully featured Managed Security Service complete with segmented technology, InteliSecure is the premier services provider for the Broadcom Information Protection technology suite.

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