Threat Protection Services

Network intruders can cause extensive damage, interrupting daily business activities, stealing proprietary data, and severely hurting an organization’s reputation and bottom line.

InteliSecure Threat Protection services combine advanced threat technologies focused on identifying, alerting, reporting and responding to internal and external threats. We provide Professional and Managed Security Services to deliver holistic threat protection programs. Simply installing more technology doesn’t necessarily increase one’s security posture. Instituting and maintaining a resilient security program and providing ongoing management for your program is paramount to helping keep your most critical assets secure.

That is why we work with you to define, implement and integrate solutions with the ability to provide ongoing management. Unlike other service providers, we are also constantly looking at ways to move you up the security maturity scale so that security becomes engrained throughout your entire organization.

Our solutions leverage inputs from multiple data sources, including security assessments, vulnerability scanners, threat feeds, network and security devices, and behavioral analytics. We combine this machine data with the knowledge of our SOC analysts who understand your business use cases in order to provide 24/7 event triage and incident management. Our approach is designed to enable faster remediation while optimizing and evolving your program to keep pace with your changing needs. In addition, based on industry best practices and client requirements, we define foundational business use cases in order for the threat protection solutions to deliver immediate value to the business for a faster ROI.


Multiple data feeds, foundational use cases and other components provide holistic Threat Protection solutions that deliver immediate results.