Can Your Data Security Keep Up?


Cloud-based attacks up 630% January—April 2020.*



Your business has changed. Your DLP must adapt.

Businesses today operate both on-premises and in the cloud, and remote working is a permanent model.

How can you meet business demands and protect sensitive information?

Data Loss Prevention Doesn’t Have to Overwhelm Your Teams

To protect your critical data assets, you must understand the data, the business processes, and the people—as well as the technology tools needed for a security solution.

InteliSecure offers a full range of data protection services that reduce data-protection complexity by focusing on protecting companies’ most important data at rest, in use, or in motion—whether inside the firewall or in the cloud.

Download the white paper to learn how a pivotal shift can simplify data protection in your dynamic enterprise.

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Get the data security you need—and expertise you can trust.

For nearly two decades, global enterprises have trusted InteliSecure to help them build comprehensive data protection programs—and simplify their security operations.


“With InteliSecure, I have full visibility into the location and use of our sensitive data. We’ve improved visibility by 92%, significantly reducing risk to our financials and reputation.”

— CISO, Regional Bank

Protect Critical and Sensitive information—Effectively and Affordably

A modular approach to Managed Data Protection enables you to meet the compliance demands—and complexity—of your business environment.


InteliSecure enables your company to access the security strategies, skills, and tools you need to protect sensitive information. We build customized programs around:

  • Comprehensive security policies created to meet the needs of companies across industries, sizes, and complexity
  • Advanced machine learning combined with expert human analysis to reduce your business risk and meet compliance
  • Integrated, industry-leading data security technology solutions including data loss prevention (DLP), cloud access security broker (CASB), email and web gateways, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
Learn about Managed Data Protection Services

“InteliSecure’s managed data protection service is automatically updated to reflect the latest regulations and threats. They’ve taken that burden off my plate. Also, the service comes with audit-ready documentation which includes pre-written policies mapped to the regulations they support, cutting our audit prep time by 85%.”

— SVP/CIO, Regional Bank

Ease Compliance and Data Security Burdens for Your Internal Teams

Across your entire data protection program, your InteliSecure Managed Data Protection Services team acts as a true partner to ensure comprehensive data security.


“Working with InteliSecure, we’re now protecting against theft and accidental disclosure of sensitive information by our employees and partners. For example, we use InteliSecure Policy Packs, prewritten, configurable policies to address specific requirements, to protect people from making a mistake that will compromise data. We’ve reduced insider threat by 62%.”

— MANAGER, INFOSEC, Manufacturing Company


Change Your Data Security Approach—without Interrupting Your Business

InteliSecure is a vendor-neutral security technology provider.

InteliSecure can help you select, implement, and maintain the right security technologies for your business. We can provide you with a thorough understanding of:

  • Your current security posture
  • Gaps and overlaps in your data security technology tools
  • Options for consolidating and simplifying your technology stack
  • How to ensure a smooth technology migration—without disruption
  • A clear path for better data protection



    * McAfee Labs COVID-19 Threats Report