API Cybersecurity Conference – Houston

Date/Time (Eastern)
Date(s) - 11/10/2015
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Current and Future Cybersecurity Trends Affecting Oil and Gas


We have all seen the headlines: Devastating data breaches and persistent security threats continue to rattle every industry. Cybersecurity is now top-of-mind, from the board to frontline employees. Is this the new normal? What can we do, as professionals and as an industry, to protect ourselves and prevent data breaches from affecting the Oil and Gas (O&G) industry, the world’s most crucial industry?

Join InteliSecure as we explore the forefront of cybersecurity trends as they relate to O&G industry. We will discuss recent cybersecurity threat reports and how information from these reports apply to O&G, paying specific attention to current and future trends, and how these will affect the O&G industry.

Specific topics discuss include:

  • Current state of cybersecurity and future trends for O&G
  • Types of attacks that target the O&G industry
  • The effects of state-sponsored cyberespionage on the O&G industry
  • How frequency and the effects of attacks on O&G compare to other industries
  • Economic impact of attacks on the O&G industry

Attendee takeaways from this session include:

  • Understand the evolving threat landscape, and its impact on O&G
  • What threats to be aware of and prepared for

How to model threats for specific organizations within O&G









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