– Enterprise Cybersecurity Pitfalls: Tales from the Technical Front Lines 12/10

Date/Time (Eastern)
Date(s) - 12/10/2015
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Why tools and technology alone cannot protect your critical assets

Each year, organizations spend millions of dollars on cybersecurity software and hardware tools, in many cases prompted by auditing and compliance requirements. Yet, these cybersecurity investments are often underutilized—installed and deployed with a set it and forget it attitude that leaves significant gaps in protecting the enterprise from threats both inside and outside the organization.

Join InteliSecure’s co-founder Chuck Bloomquist and our Security Assessment and Incident Response (SAIR) team to understand how you can leverage and fine tune these security tools properly to establish a more comprehensive and effective cybersecurity program. InteliSecure SAIR team members will share their in-depth technical insights and stories into how your organization can move beyond a “check box to meet compliance” approach.

The InteliSecure SAIR team will provide a “deep-dive” technical level discussion that encompasses many of the common cybersecurity pitfalls associated with the latest technologies and how to avoid them, including:

  • Unmanaged and unprotected passwords that create vulnerabilities
  • Faulty configurations that can drown you in false positives
  • Wireless attacks that sabotage your best security efforts


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