ISACA 2015 North America Computer Audit Control and Security conference (CACS)

Date/Time (Eastern)
Date(s) - 03/16/2015 - 03/18/2015
All Day

Join InteliSecure at the CACS North America in Florida for a presentation over IT auditing. Details Below.

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Presentation time: 12:45 – 2:00pm Eastern


Information Technology (IT) Auditors need to constantly adapt to changes within the business world and the IT space to stay relevant. Assisting the business in understanding its IT needs while adding value is critical in the rapidly changing worlds of business and technology. This session will focus on changing trends within business and the tools and techniques IT auditors can use to stay relevant and provide value to clients. The session will also discuss ways to approach groups within any organization and how to form a cooperative rapport.

The presentation will cover:

  • How IT Auditors can assist the business with identification of critical assets
  • Establishing a cooperative versus an adversarial rapport with the business and IT
  • How an IT auditor can leverage available IT security and compliance tools to provide value in the realm of security, compliance and governance for internal customers
  • How IT auditors can assist the business in streamlining compliance with multiple compliance frameworks and standards to unify disparate security policies

In this session participants will:

  • Learn how to provide added value to the business through IT security and compliance tools
  • Learn about critical assets and a critical-asset centered approach to IT audit
  • Learn how to communicate the importance of critical assets to the business
  • Learn how to assist the business in streamlining compliance


Presentation time: 5:15 – 5:45pm Eastern

Topic: Preventing the inevitable – Safeguarding critical assets in the age of the mega-breach

Data security is top-of-mind for organizations, from board members to front-line employees, as well as your customers. Organizations are on guard, and rightly so – 2014 was an unprecedented year. Are data breaches now ubiquitous, a virtual certainty in the age of the mega-breach? We don’t believe so.

Join InteliSecure’s President and CEO, Robert Eggebrecht, as he discusses how to build a Critical Asset Protection Program (CAPP) that prevents data loss and protect critical assets. Eggebrecht has been helping Fortune 1000 organizations protect their critical assets for over 15 years.

Highlights from this talk include:

  1. Understanding your organization’s crown jewels and prioritizing your security risk – Building a Critical Asset Protection Program (CAPP)
  2. Having a plan in place – Evaluating your incident response program
  3. Recognizing the insider threat – The cases of the errant employee and malicious insider
  4. Defending against destructive attacks – The cases of the imprudent partner and vicious hacker



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