– Who Wants Our Critical Data Anyway? 2/11

Date/Time (Eastern)
Date(s) - 02/11/2016
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Nation-states, cyber criminals, errant employees and others compose the cast of characters out to steal your critical data. Some seek financial gain. Some seek to advance a political agenda. Who are they?

The first half of this webinar will pull back the curtain on internal and external cyber threats, revealing the motivations and tactics of both internal and external threat actors.

In the second half, we will discuss how understanding who is trying to take your critical data assets will help you create a stronger cybersecurity. We will provide ways your organization can empower your end-users and identify how you can use a cost/benefit analysis for your cybersecurity programs

Specific topics include:

  • Understanding internal and external cyber threats
  • Cost/benefit analysis of cybercrime by threat type
  • Security Humanistics: The role of human intelligence in security programs
  • Empowering the end-user
  • Methodologies for assigning dollar amounts to risk factors of critical information assets
  • The differences between cyber insurance and cyber security










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