Firefox 4 Web Console | InteliSecure



The final version of Firefox 4 is almost here and since it’s my main tool during pentesting I has been checking frequently to be sure I’m not going to be missing anything when the change comes.

As the change is big, some of the extensions are slowly updating their versions to ensure compatibility with the new release (I just did today a quick update of the Hackbar extension to ensure compatibility with FF4) so I still stuck at Firefox 3 to use all the plugins I use to install.

One of these plugins is Live HTTP Headers, a simple plugin that allows me to check what is going under hood in the browser, check request and parameters to later modify and test the website functionality. Well, this extension looks like is not getting (yet) a FF4 update ?

But today I discovered a new feature in FF4: Web Console. With a tricky shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+K it reveals a debug console with information about HTML/CSS errors, Javascript debugging information and a Net tab to do exactly the same that Live HTTP Headers does: display web browser request and related headers.

OK, maybe it’s not the same ( you cant filter extensions like gif or jpg images) but it also comes with another great stuff, like saving the HTML code generated by the page, allowing quickly review of the result of the request.

Still many things to sort before changing FF3 to FF4 for pentesting but the future looks promising ?