Flexible Working Enlarges Scope of IT Security



New Kaspersky research released this week reported that Children are a major threat to internet securitywith 20% of parents reporting losing money or information due to their children’s online activity. While parents are already feeling the repercussions of children using devices, businesses should also be taking note of the threat posed.

With professionals increasingly working from home and employees offering flexible working it is important that organisations and their employees are aware of the implications for both security and data loss prevention. While flexible, home based working provides many benefits it is critical that organisations pay careful consideration to the expanded IT, security and data protection implications that accompany these changing working patterns. This extends beyond children using devices with business critical information stored on but also the other challenges posed by the home environment.

Employees working from home need to consider setting up separate work accounts with robust access controls on personally owned devices to ensure that family members, including children, cannot inadvertently put business information at risk. Equally employers need to be setting out clear guidelines on the use of business issued devices for home use and providing relevant security and data loss prevention for home working.

Ultimately employers need to be treating data security in home ‘offices’ with the same level of importance as they would on any business owned property, providing employees with the training and solutions required to holistically secure business data. An out of sight, out of mind approach to data security towards home based employees could prove a costly mistake.