InteliSecure Strategic Partner: Forcepoint

Creating safety and trust in a world where people are the new perimeter.


Why Forcepoint?

The world has changed. To do their jobs today, people across the organization must have access to information from anywhere. The traditional technology perimeter has evaporated, and traditional data protection solutions that handle data in one dimension (“block” or “allow”) lack the ability to apply context enforcement decisions in the broader work realm.

Forcepoint understand that the answer to whether a user can perform a certain action is rarely black and white, but more often a shade of gray. That’s why the company has taken a pioneering position in enabling Dynamic Data Protection, an approach that incorporates human behavior analysis and risk scoring to analyze a data transaction. When you apply this missing piece of context and allow the technology to adapt to risk in near real time, the scope of what can be accomplished from a data protection perspective broadens dramatically.

Why InteliSecure for Forcepoint?

InteliSecure is a longtime partner of Forcepoint, tracing our partnership with Forcepoint to the early days of the company’s Websense DLP solution, which it acquired from Port Authority. InteliSecure has grown with Forcepoint as its capabilities expanded. As a result, we have unmatched depth of expertise across the Forcepoint portfolio.
InteliSecure has the expertise to deliver data protection capabilities on premises and in the cloud and maximize the efficacy of user-centric technologies like Forcepoint Behavior Analytics (FBA) and Forcepoint Insider Threat (FIT). We provide the programs to tie together solutions across the Forcepoint portfolio to deliver advanced capabilities to our clients.

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“While compliance matters to us, our biggest risks lie in the intentional or unintentional loss of proprietary trade secrets and other Intellectual Property that distinguishes us from our competition. We have long understood that we need deeper protection for our critical data assets than traditional DLP solutions offer. Working with InteliSecure, we have deployed advanced capabilities such as Dynamic Data Protection that allow us to apply more restrictive policies for users that pose the greatest risk to our organization based on behavior. These capabilities allow us to protect our most critical data without creating undue friction with our end-user community.”

—CISO, International Manufacturing Firm

Accredited Services Partner

The Forcepoint Accredited Services Partner (ASP) distinction is earned through a mix of technical training, deployment validation, and ongoing customer success evaluation.

The program is designed to distinguish the services partners who offer proven depth of expertise from those who simply offer services for Forcepoint technology.

InteliSecure is among the first services providers to achieve this designation across the portfolio, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in delivering the capabilities of the Forcepoint portfolio for our clients.

Data Protection Thought Leader

InteliSecure has fully embraced the Dynamic Data Protection capabilities offered since Forcepoint acquired RedOwl and integrated their world class Data Loss Prevention solution with Red Owl’s User and Entity Behavior Analytics technology.

Now InteliSecure is on the forefront of helping organizations leverage the power and flexibility of this technology to comprehensively protect critical data from accidental misuse, external adversaries leveraging stolen credentials, and intentional data theft.

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Multi-Product Solution

Forcepoint technologies are capable independently, but the true power of the platform lies in the seamless integration between technologies and components. Many service providers focus on some elements of the platform, but few have the breadth and depth of expertise to tie them all together.

InteliSecure is currently managing Forcepoint technology for clients around the world across the spectrum of Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Forcepoint Behavior Analytics (FBA), Forcepoint Insider Threat (FIT), and Web and Email Gateway technology to deliver advanced capabilities such as Dynamic Data Protection (DDP) in on-premises, cloud native, and hybrid environments.

Reduce Complexity in the New World of Remote Working

Today, companies feel the pressure to provide workers access to information from anywhere—while balancing technologies to ensure comprehensive data protection.

Learn how Forcepoint and InteliSecure are addressing the problem.

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