InteliSecure FX Fully Managed


Data protection that’s fast, easy, and DONE.


Get Turnkey Protection that Takes Data Security and Compliance Off Your Plate—So You Can Get Back to Business


InteliSecure understands all organizations are subject to the same unflinching regulatory requirements, whether your company is a smaller, growing enterprise or a large, complex organization. Regardless, you often have to face those regulatory demands with real-world limitations.

Limited Time

With today’s compliance burdens and the speed of business initiatives, you simply can’t wait months to protect your sensitive data. You need compliance, and you need it now.


Limited Budget

A lack of technical understanding can leave you caught between finding the right balance between affordability and complexity, slowing your security adoption and leaving your company at risk.

Limited Resources

Don’t make the mistake of thinking perimeter security is enough to get you by. The increasing prevalence of online transactions and communications, mobile and smart devices, and proliferation of authorized and unauthorized cloud applications typically maxes out your available resources for data protection.


Limited Options

You need solutions that address the unique complexities of your industry, from Financial Services and Healthcare to Legal and Manufacturing.

Get Comprehensive, Cloud-based, Managed Data Protection for your Critical Assets, Intellectual Property, and Regulated Data

InteliSecure FXSM Fully Managed solves your problems and meets your needs with a turnkey solution that’s easy and fast to implement. Go above and beyond your expectations and get peace of mind you just won’t find with any other security solution.

  • Fast: Unlike other data protection solutions, FX Fully Managed can be up and running in hours with fully compliant protection in just days.
  • Comprehensive: FX Fully Managed gives you prewritten, proven policies that address your specific industry and regulatory requirements.
  • Easy and effective: Pre-configured reports provide faster proof of compliance and easier delivery of business data. Fully-managed services take the pressure off internal staff and provide a filter for false positives that could otherwise eat up resources.
  • Affordable: Multiple pricing options let you adjust your budget to cover services, hosting, licensing, and support.

Experience That’s Trusted the World Over—In a Fully Managed, Secure, Cloud-hosted Solution.

Powered by Symantec, FX Fully Managed provides DLP, CASB, web, and email protection. Plus, we bring more than 15 years’ experience combining machine learning algorithms and the expertise of our security analysts in examining human, data, and system behavior.

With FX Fully Managed, you can be confident in the security of your cloud-based solution.


Runs on AWS

  • Uses AWS Security & Compliance tools.
  • Additional security via CASB technology.


  • Data housed in separate databases.
  • Separate Active Directory environments for each client.


  • InteliSecure holds a variety of security certifications.
  • Program is built on the InteliSecure ISO 27001 Certified ISMS.


  • Data is encrypted upon capture.
  • Data is transmitted between components via TLS.

Don’t put off your data protection any longer.

Contact the experts at InteliSecure and learn how quickly you can prove compliance—and get the data protection your company needs.


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