Benefits of Managed Services


InteliSecure FX managed data protection solutions provide the benefits you’ve been looking for.

The Comprehensive Data Protection Solution You Have to Have, the Turnkey Simplicity You Want


InteliSecure FXSM delivers a fully supported, fully operational, compliant data protection solution in hours or days rather than weeks or months. InteliSecure FX also meets your most important business requirements:

  • Effective: Provide immediate and improving protection for your data regardless of where it resides.
  • Affordable: Reduce the cost of finding, training, managing, and retaining security analyst talent. And with our cloud-based solutions, there’s no expensive hardware to purchase, install, or maintain.
  • Actionable: We relieve your staff of the burden of sifting through thousands of false positives, allowing them to focus on the events that really need their attention. Our off-the-shelf and tailored reports make it easy for you to describe data protection ROI to your internal stakeholders.
  • Current: No need to worry about updates; InteliSecure automatically keeps your FX Co-Managed and FX Fully Managed software solutions up to date.

Real-World Benefits: What Does Managed Data Protection Mean for You?


InteliSecure FX provides fast, actionable reporting of activity that can damage your business.

An InteliSecure triage analyst responded to an alert that a client’s user had saved more than 1,000 files to a removable storage device. Upon looking more closely at the file names, the analyst identified the data as intellectual property associated with a new medical device design. InteliSecure escalated this incident to the client and the FBI, and prosecutors later used the evidence to pursue a conviction.

What is your intellectual property worth?

Learn more about how to protect your critical data assets.

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Looking for ROI? Clear Reporting Makes the Case

With InteliSecure FX, you get clear, easy-to-understand reporting that provides the insights your company stakeholders need to make effective decisions about your data protection program.

This sample risk dashboard shows a client risk report before and after implementing initial data loss prevention (DLP) measures.

Risk Dashboard Graph

This client had an immature DLP program in monitoring mode only, shown on the left side of the graph. InteliSecure first raised policy accuracy to an acceptable level, then deployed blocking mode and user entitlements to prevent unauthorized sharing. The massive reduction in risk is notable.


Results: ROI That Adds Up

By implementing access-blocking policies and automating encryption, this client has conservatively mitigated risk to about 2500 records per day. If each record is valued at only $1, an average program’s rate of return is more than 3 times the amount of investment.

According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2018 Data Breach Study, each record carries a cost of $3.86. At this rate, our client has removed about $3.5 million per year—a return of just under 12 times their investment.

Discover What’s Possible When You Leverage the Full Value

of Managed Data Protection Services

Learn how a large enterprise client worked with InteliSecure’s experts and proven processes to identify and prioritize critical assets, develop processes and workflows customized to its specific way of doing business, select the best technology, and operationalize its program through InteliSecure’s SOC, gaining unparalleled visibility and control of its security posture.