Managed Data Protection Services: Essential Elements


Cover all your bases with the data protection program components you need today—and adapt your program as your business changes. 

InteliSecure Managed Data Protection: Quickly Stand Up a Complete Program


Data security is imperative. However, in an environment that demands high degrees of compliance and instant responsiveness, truly comprehensive Information Security options are often expensive, time-consuming, and complex—especially when you try to build them in-house.

Cut through the complexity with a managed data protection solution that puts the most important components at your fingertips.

Protect data at rest, whether it’s stored on premises or in the cloud.

Protect data in use by restricting access to those who have the proper authority, no matter where they are.

Protect data in motion, no matter where it goes, inside or outside your organization.

Reduce the burden on your teams to hire, train, and retain data protection specialists.

Apply security policies consistently across multiple cloud providers to protect data no matter where it flows or resides.

Embrace cloud services securely by enforcing policy and governing access through a purpose-built cloud security platform.

Reduce strain on your IT and Information Security teams by augmenting them with InteliSecure cloud security experts.

Protect communications by encrypting outgoing emails and decrypting incoming emails.

Protect against inbound viruses, infections, and ransomware.

Protect against outbound data leaks (intentional or accidental) from users browsing the internet.

Analyze user and system behavior to adapt security controls. Establish and maintain visibility across your digital estate.

Leverage the latest User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and System Event and Incident Management (SIEM) technologies.

Rely on InteliSecure experts to help gather, normalize, and analyze logs from a variety of on-premises and cloud-based systems.

Grow Your Security Program with Additional InteliSecure Services

Leverage InteliSecure Professional Services and data security technology partnerships to access data protection expertise for all of your needs.


Professional Services

  • Work with stakeholders to develop requirements.
  • Design programs to leverage technologies and deliver business outcomes.
  • Implement, test, and optimize technologies from a wide range of security software providers.

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