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Financial services organizations are on constant alert against cybercrime. With the sheer number of daily users, the complex organizational infrastructures, and overlapping international, federal, state, local, internal, and industry regulations, information security is always a top priority. Perhaps the draw for information thieves is that the information that financial services firms possess—including both personally identifiable information (PII) and intellectual property (IP) such as investment strategies, formulas and algorithms, and actuarial tables—is more valuable than ever. Even as security measures become more sophisticated, so too do the methods used to obtain sensitive information.

To compound the problem, financial organizations have an internal challenge: tracking and monitoring information use. It’s a monumental job to know what information is most important to protect, who is accessing that information, and how and where it is being used. Only with that understanding can they hope to embrace the notion of being in control.

The answer is an effectively implemented data security solution that will consistently address all of their unique challenges, reduces the complexity of data security programs, and ensuring compliance regardless of where that data is used or moved.

Major global financial services and insurance organizations trust InteliSecure to provide clarity in their data security programs and ensure compliance regardless of where data is used or moved.

“With InteliSecure, I have full visibility into the location and use of our sensitive data. We’ve improved visibility by 92%, significantly reducing risk to our financials and reputation.”

— CISO, Regional Bank

Information Security leaders in financial services organizations are challenged by multiple underlying factors.

Too much information in too many places

There’s no slowing down the sheer amount of data being processed. But with petabytes of information pouring in every day—and being stored and shared in multiple places—there are natural chinks in the armor of security efforts.

Too many ways to share information without thinking

Most data breaches are a result of a careless keystroke or an inadvertent share. Even without malicious intent, the damage is still severe. It’s essential to put in place policies and automations that raise user awareness of potential risks associated with mobile devices, emails, desktop applications, and cloud file sharing.

Too many users

Not only is there too much information in too many places, there are also too many people handling it. Financial services firms face a constant tension between the need to USE sensitive information and the need to PROTECT it. Security leaders struggle to hold all employees and users to the same data protection standards without impeding workflow.

Effective data protection programs start with understanding what data is most important to protect. Learn how to ask the right questions to identify critical data assets.

InteliSecure gives your financial institution data protection

that’s as good as gold.

Embrace a comprehensive data security solution that provides full visibility into who is accessing your data, why, and where that data is being used and stored—all with robust, clear reporting.

Stop the internal bleeding. Although “no-brainer” breaches are very rarely malicious, they’re still devastating. Implement policies and automate reminders to prevent employees from sharing or losing information—intentionally or by mistake.

Manage complex regulations. Financial services firms have more regulations to meet and compliance standards to uphold than any other industry. InteliSecure helps you manage complex overlapping international, federal, state, and local regulations and prove compliance to auditors on demand.

Improve visibility. More than anything, you need to be able to know when issues are occurring, how to respond to them, and most important, how to prevent them from occurring again. InteliSecure increases your visibility into active threats, provides an effective response, and offers a blueprint for prevention.

Learn how InteliSecure managed data protection services solve complex data protection needs—quickly and easily.


InteliSecure managed data protection is purpose-built to meet the specific needs of financial services firms.


Get industry-leading security and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re fully compliant and critical data assets are protected.

Financial Services Policy Packs

Pre-written, pre-tuned, configurable policies that address the financial services industry’s regulatory requirements.

Policies are continuously evaluated and adapted to reflect regulatory changes.

Audit-Ready Documentation

Documentation is specifically written to decrease the burden of preparing for audits.

Policies are mapped to the regulations they support.

Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Policy Pack

Complies with OFAC rules addressing inadvertent or intentional email exchanges with countries or organizations sanctioned by the United States Government.

Designed for entities operating in the United States.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Policy Pack

Addresses inadvertent, unauthorized, or malicious transmission and/or usage of specific Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data elements.

Covers PII elements as specified in HIPAA, GDPR, HI-TECH, and GLBA.

State Data Privacy Policy Pack

Addresses inadvertent, unauthorized, or malicious transmission and/or usage of driver’s license numbers.

Supports all US states as well as UK driver’s license formats.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Policy Pack

Addresses inadvertent, unauthorized, or malicious transmission and/or usage of standard or proprietary Payment Card Numbers (PCN) data as well as magnetic stripe data.

Maps to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) rules.

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