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Whether your industry is highly specialized or highly regulated, InteliSecure has a proud history of providing effective data protection across every industry.

See how our expertise enables peace of mind across these specialized industries.


Financial Services

Exceptionally complex organizational infrastructures and highly specific, overlapping regulations across international, federal, state, local, internal, and industry governance agencies make data protection in Financial Services organizations a challenge. But as their ultimate currency—including IP information, investment strategy, formulas/algorithms, and actuarial tables—becomes more valuable than ever, finding the right data protection solution is a top priority in this industry.

Learn how to solve data security for Financial Services organizations.



Healthcare organizations have more data flowing through their networks than ever before. And it’s not just any data—it’s highly sensitive patient information, employee records, and proprietary research. To compound matters, it’s coming in from and going to myriad sources, including other healthcare providers, specialists, research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, medical device providers—and even the patients themselves. This constantly growing influx of data is a gold mine to potential hackers. And that’s why protecting it has become so critical.

Learn how to solve data security for Healthcare organizations.



Not all critical data assets look the same. Manufacturers who deal with a variety of unstructured data such as schematics, diagrams, measurements, quality metrics, and specialized Intellectual Property (IP) can get the same complete managed data protection benefits as organizations who work with more structured data.


Legal Services

Dealing with highly sensitive client data in a pre-existing document management system (DMS)? We’ve got you covered. InteliSecure solutions can meet your compliance requirements and provide the data loss prevention and user and event behavior analytics (UEBA) you need—without scrapping your existing systems.