Managed Data Protection for Every Organization

InteliSecure FX protects critical and sensitive data from the inside out—effectively, affordably, and fast.

Data loss prevention efforts can overwhelm internal teams.

They don’t have to.

Teams in every size organization are overwhelmed with compliance complexity, constantly evolving threats, and data volume. InteliSecure FXSM (Fast eXecution) solutions enable you to quickly and effectively protect your critical data assets—at rest, in use, and in motion—whether they are on premises or in the cloud.

Protect Critical Data Assets

Protect your intellectual property (IP) and your customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) from constantly emerging threats—both external and internal. Regardless of where and how your users are working with data, InteliSecure FX gives you peace of mind. Know that you’re protected—here, there, and everywhere.

Stay on Top of Compliance

Navigate the constantly changing compliance landscape easier—and with less stress—than ever before. Our solutions help you avoid significant fines associated with non-compliance while reducing the time and energy you spend on information requests and audits.

Improve User Controls

Implement safeguards to prevent your users and employees from intentionally or accidentally compromising data security—or falling victim to malicious attacks or theft.

Protect Sensitive Information and Demonstrate Compliance—Quickly and Easily

Through our proven managed data protection services, InteliSecure FX delivers comprehensive critical asset protection that’s up and running in days, not months. Moving beyond perimeter protection, FX combines more than a decade of risk and compliance expertise with technology from global leaders in threat management and data loss prevention (DLP).

  • Comprehensive security policies created to meet the needs of companies across industries, sizes, and complexity
  • Advanced machine learning combined with expert human analysis to reduce your business risk and meet compliance
  • Integrated, industry-leading technology solutions including data loss prevention (DLP), cloud access security broker (CASB), email and web gateways, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

With InteliSecure FX,

Leverage the Features Critical to Success in Data Protection

Across the continuum of FX configurations, InteliSecure enables your company—regardless of its size or complexity—to access the security strategies you need to protect the sensitive information that matters most to you and your customers.

Always On

Protect intellectual property and sensitive information around the clock.

Always Up to Date

Ensure compliance with global, national, and industry regulations with continually updated policies.

Always Relevant

Dramatically reduce noise with clear reporting that’s pre-screened to minimize false positives and enable you to focus on what’s important.

Choose the FX Configuration You Need to Meet the Compliance Demands—and Complexity—of Your Environment

InteliSecure FX Fully Managed

Application Management

InteliSecure Cloud Instance

Scope and Policy Governance

Pre-Built Policy Packs

Incident Management

Standard Triage and Escalation

Reporting and Analytics

Pre-Built Reports

Technical Deployment

Preconfigured and Automated

Program Development


InteliSecure FX C0-Managed

Application Management

Client-Owned Infrastructure on Premises or in the Cloud

Scope and Policy Governance

Customized Policies

Incident Management

Customized Triage and Escalation

Reporting and Analytics

Pre-Built Reports, Maturity Modeling, and Business Reviews

Technical Deployment

Agile Project Based

Program Development

Agile Project Based

Find the solution you’re looking for—right here, right now.