Hackbar tricks



After using for more than 4 years this Firefox extension I discovered a couple of tricks that can help you in your testings. These are not really Hackbar tricks or features but HTTP/HTML ones.

  1. The order of parameters doesn’t matter: If you are testing a web page with a lot of parameters you can reorder them in the way you want. Sounds obvious but not too many people realize it… If the injection point is in the last parameter, mode it to the beginning and save space for displaying the web site.
  2. Use the hash (#) to specify the part of the page you want to see after the loading. Sometimes the part of the page where the SQL error message is displayed is at the bottom of the page so you have to scroll after executing the query. Adding a hash followed by the id of a HTML element near the error message (or any part inside the page you want to display) at the end of the Hackbartextbox will be the trick to avoid you scrolling every time! Sweet 

I know they are not very amazing tricks but I remember the time when I don’t use them… Now my testing is more efficient and pleasant. Happy hacking!!!

P.D. We just move to WordPress.com. I tried to use blogger after being a WordPress user for long time but I don’t get used to the platform. If you are following us using a RSS reader you shouldn’t notice any difference as we are using Feedburner.