InteliSecure FXSM Benefits

Reduce your risk while saving time, money, and effort

InteliSecure FXSM Managed Data Protection solutions offer the following benefits:

Reduce Risk

  • Keep your sensitive data safe with proven policies and expert analysis.
  • Shorten time to remediate issues.
  • Protect people from inadvertently or maliciously compromising data confidentiality.
  • Protect data at rest, in use, and in motion.
Save Time, Money, and Effort

  • Offload infrastructure management.
  • Reduce audit prep time and hassle with audit-ready documentation, including policies mapped to specific regulations.
  • Leverage your existing on-prem security technology licenses.

“I have an abundance of challenges and a very limited staff. InteliSecure FX has solved a number of problems for me, requiring little effort from myself and my team. They made the entire process simple, guiding me through the decisions I needed to make in order to achieve my desired outcome.”

Mid-Market Director of Information Security

Faster Time to Impact

  • Get up and running in weeks, not months, with a pre-packaged service.
  • Leverage Agile concepts to realize value quickly while simultaneously developing more advanced use cases.
  • Leverage InteliSecure’s experience and best practices to quickly increase maturity.
More Impactful Reporting

  • Report on risk in the language your CEO understands with pre-configured reports.
  • Demonstrate business benefits and Return on Investment.
Improve Data Visibility and Control

  • Map the flow of sensitive data into and out of your organization.
  • Know where your company’s confidential data is being stored and sent, and who is accessing it….and protect it!