InteliSecure FXSM for Manufacturing

Data Protection for Intellectual Property and Regulated Data

InteliSecure FXSM for Manufacturing is a built to address the requirements of manufacturing organizations.

Manufacturing Policy Packs

  • Pre-written, pre-tuned, policies that address regulatory requirements.
  • Includes Data Classification capabilities to protect Intellectual Property.
Audit-Ready Documentation

  • Documentation is specifically written to decrease the burden of preparing for audits.
  • Policies are mapped to the regulations they support.

“Multiple people in my department spend the majority of their time responding to data privacy audits. The documentation InteliSecure provides reduces our preparation time so my people can focus on other priorities.”

Vice President, Compliance for a US Law Firm

Intellectual Property Protection

  • Prevents the inappropriate disclosure of sensitive Intellectual Property to unauthorized parties.
  • Leverages Data Classification solutions to identify and protect Intellectual Property.
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Policy Pack

  • Addresses inadvertent, unauthorized, or malicious transmission and/or usage of specific Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data elements.
  • Covers PII elements as specified in HIPAA, GDPR, HI-TECH, and GLBA.
International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR)

  • Identifies which systems store, process, and transmit ITAR controlled data.
  • Demonstrates compliance with ITAR regulations, protecting lucrative contracts.