LinkedIn Phishing Trips Pose Threat to Business – Not just Individuals



Hackers have once again been targeting LinkedIn using new phishing emails targeting users, which aim to trick recipients into clicking on a link by claiming that their LinkedIn accounts have been blocked due to inactivity. While on the face of things this may seem like an issue for individuals with no cause for concern for businesses, nothing could be further from the truth.

While LinkedIn provides a rich source of personal information for attackers it is how this information is used, once it is obtained, that should be a concern for businesses.  Armed with personal data, including where an individual works, job role and contact details, hackers will look to further exploit this in social engineering attacks, which could prove costly both to the individuals and the organizations they work for.

Phishing emails continue to be the most common source of information for social engineering attacks and this further highlights why educating employees about the risks posed is of vital importance.  By providing extensive education of data loss prevention organisations will significantly reduce the chance of an attack or their employees unwittingly handing ammunition to hackers to use to mount attacks against an organisations data.