Managed Data Protection Services


Reduce data security complexity and protect critical and sensitive information—effectively and affordably.


Data loss prevention efforts don’t have to overwhelm internal teams.

Security teams in every size organization are bombarded with compliance complexity, constantly evolving threats, and data volume. InteliSecure’s comprehensive managed data protection solutions enable you to effectively protect your critical data assets—at rest, in use, and in motion—whether they are on premises or in the cloud.

What Is Managed Data Protection?

Protect sensitive information and demonstrate compliance through a balance of technology, process, policies, and people.

Unlike general managed security services providers (MSSPs), InteliSecure focuses our managed data protection programs specifically on protecting the critical assets that are most important to you and your customers.

Our proven methodology is built on more than a decade of risk and compliance expertise integrated with technology from global leaders in threat management and data loss prevention.

The result is a comprehensive, customized approach that’s tailored for your business needs now—and adapts and matures as those requirements change.


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A Unique Approach for Tangible Business Benefits

InteliSecure’s proven approach starts with a defined Critical Asset Protection Program (CAPP) that shows a clear path to improved security for your most important data assets.

The CAPP also identifies opportunities for business process improvement—and fosters a culture of data security awareness to safeguard your organization’s fiscal integrity, business operations, and reputation.

Making the Case for Critical Asset Protection

CAPP Learn how a risk-based, cost-effective CAPP helps meet business objectives.

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Data Protection That Works for Business

A modular approach to managed data protection strategy enables you to meet the compliance demands—and complexity—of your business environment.


InteliSecure enables your company to access the security strategies, skills, and tools you need to protect sensitive information. We build customized programs around:


Comprehensive security policies created to meet the needs of companies across industries, sizes, and complexity

Advanced machine learning combined with expert human analysis to reduce your business risk and meet compliance

Integrated, industry-leading data security technology solutions including data loss prevention (DLP), cloud access security broker (CASB), email and web gateways, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)



Managed data protection is more than a technology solution.


A managed data protection program incorporates multiple elements to enable your team to give their attention to the true-positive security events that present risk to your organization.


Start Where You Are: Components of Managed Data Protection

  • Program Development
  • Technical Deployment
  • Customized Policies
  • Scope and Policy Governance
  • Application Management
  • Customized Triage and Escalation
  • Incident Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Maturity Modeling and Business Reviews

Managed data protection delivers tangible business value.

Data security is a priority. So is enabling users to work with that data. And so is justifying your security spend.

The value of data security goes beyond a line item on a balance sheet—improving the operational effectiveness of your organization.

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Expertise to meet the requirements of your industry.

Managed data protection services from InteliSecure cross industries, but we do bring specialized insights for our clients in heavily regulated industries and for those with complex information formats and intellectual property types.


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