Microsoft Compliance Workshop: Data Risk Management


Take the first step to intelligent data security compliance
and risk management.



88% of organizations are not confident they can detect and prevent loss of sensitive data.1

Protecting information—wherever it goes—is critical to ensuring trust and meeting data security compliance requirements. But first, you need to know what data you have, where it is, how it’s being used, and what data loss risks exist.

The Microsoft Compliance Workshop: Data Risk Management gives you the insights you need to better discover, protect, and govern your corporate data.

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As a qualified Microsoft Partner that specializes in data security, InteliSecure is your expert guide through the Microsoft Compliance Workshop: Data Risk Management.

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Assess Your Compliance Risks

Address Data Security Compliance Risks Head On

Uncover hidden compliance risks—and maximize the value of the Microsoft compliance tools you already have.

The Microsoft Compliance Workshop: Data Risk Management helps you understand where data is at risk—and see your data protection opportunities.

How It Works

  • InteliSecure Security Analysts meet with your technical team to set up and run an automated Microsoft Data Risk Check to surface hidden compliance risks within your organization.
  • Then, we map those risks to top Microsoft compliance tools and services that can help mitigate the risks and improve your compliance posture.
  • Finally, we’ll share our findings during a one-day workshop that provides you with practical ways to use the information.

What You’ll Get

By the end of the workshop, the experts at InteliSecure will provide you with:

A Data Risk Check report—Findings and insights from the automated discovery process

Recommendations and Strategic Objectives—A detailed assessment of your priorities for compliance and actionable next steps to help you mitigate identified compliance risks.

Microsoft Compliance Overview—A clear look at how Microsoft’s approach to compliance applies to your organization

Hands-on experience—An immersive examination of the latest tools and methods for integrated compliance

Next steps—Recommendations for deploying a long-term data security compliance strategy, with key initiatives and tactics

Use What You Learn: InteliSecure Helps You

Maximize Your Microsoft E5 Investment

A modular approach to Managed Data Protection enables you to meet the compliance demands—and complexity—of your business environment.


Critical Asset Protection Program Design

For clients who prefer to operationalize their Microsoft Compliance technologies themselves, InteliSecure offers a proven program design methodology.

With a custom-designed Critical Asset Protection Program, your organization will have a clear path to improved data security and compliance. The CAPP enables greater insight into how data assets flow through your ecosystem, helps you identify opportunities for improved protection, and fosters a culture of awareness around data protection.

Managed Data Protection Services with Aperture


For clients who want the support of InteliSecure’s comprehensive expertise and skilled Security Analyst teams, we offer Managed Data Protection Services, powered by the Aperture platform.

InteliSecure Managed Data Protection Services enable you to leverage the roadmap created in your Microsoft Compliance Workshop and access comprehensive monitoring and management of your program, maximizing the protection of your organization’s critical assets.

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The Aperture Microsoft Security Platform provides a single-pane-of-glass view of your entire Microsoft ecosystem, keeping you in sync and in control of your data protection program. Aperture brings total visibility to your data, centralizing, standardizing, and simplifying security alerting and management.

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Do you have a strategy for protecting and managing sensitive and business-critical data?

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    1 Forrester. Security Concerns, Approaches and Technology Adoption. December 2018