InteliSecure Strategic Partner: Microsoft


Bring the Microsoft Security Ecosystem into Focus

Why Microsoft?

Organizations embrace Microsoft to solve a wide range of Information Technology and Information Security challenges.
Microsoft has made significant investments in data protection solutions that are built into its licensing bundles, including:

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Cloud App Security (CAS)
  • Azure Information Protection (AIP)

As you look to consolidate vendors and reduce your overall security spend, maximizing the investments you are already making in your existing Microsoft licensing is ideal.

Why InteliSecure for Microsoft?

No one knows more about delivering data protection capabilities than InteliSecure. For the past two decades, we have been designing, building, and operating data protection programs for the world’s top technologies. We have a unique understanding of the Microsoft features our clients rely on for world-class data protection.

We also understand how to bridge gaps between Microsoft data protection technology and our clients’ comprehensive data protection needs. Let us help you optimize your Microsoft solutions to fit the needs of your business.

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“We have been under constant pressure to reduce our security spending and consolidate vendors. Our CIO has openly wondered why we were not leveraging the security capabilities built into our Microsoft E-5 licensing. Rather than continuing to fight that battle, we have adopted the InteliSecure Aperture platform. The solution has allowed us to embrace the Microsoft solution, filling the gaps in the technology and making it a true enterprise-grade data protection solution.”

—CISO, Health Insurance Company

Welcome to InteliSecure Aperture

Aperture ties together information from across your Microsoft Office 365, Azure Information Protection (AIP), and Cloud App Security (CAS) security ecosystem.

What makes InteliSecure Aperture unique?

  • Enterprise ready—Aperture provides the ability to manage, understand, and triage large volumes of alerts.
  • Organizations gain insight into the most significant events so they can see their largest areas of risk and deal with them quickly.
  • First of its kind—We’ve combined our 17+ years of industry knowledge and best-in-breed technologies to work directly with Microsoft data protection technologies, creating a platform that manages all data security events in the Microsoft ecosystem—regardless of where they originated.
  • More Detail, Greater Context—Aperture’s Incident View provides rich details to the transactions that created events to provide deeper insight and more context than simple severity or match count.
  • Reporting—Powered by our patent pending FX technology, real-time reporting allows you to keep a pulse on the environment and react to emerging trends.

You’ve moved into Microsoft 365 Cloud. What’s next?

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Data Security Technology—Powered by Services

Successfully protecting information in the Microsoft ecosystem is not a singular objective.
InteliSecure offers comprehensive support for Microsoft Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Cloud Application Security (CAS), and Azure Information Protection (AIP) to help you successfully embrace the full capabilities of Microsoft data protection and cloud security tools.
We enable an integrated view of your security program through our Aperture platform and managed data protection services.

Empower your teams to focus on what matters most: your critical assets.

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As a vendor-neutral provider, InteliSecure offers the breadth of experience needed to help you build a business-centric data protection program. Set up a personal whiteboard session with one of our Solutions Architects, and we’ll help you figure out how to select the right technology, keep you abreast of what is changing in the landscape, and—if a switch is necessary—help you execute that transition with minimal disruption.


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