My Robot Has WiFi!



Wireless communication using Bluetooth! Thanks to the Adafruit EZ-Link!  Basically that tiny board sticking out on top is a Bluetooth Serial-Link, allows me to remove the cable that binds the robot to my PC / MAC.  Now I cannot only program the robot wirelessly, but if I choose to, I can send it commands wirelessly over the air – thus completing Asimov’s second rule of robotics (if you don’t know the rules, see my previous blog post).  The EZ-Link is smart and auto-detects baud rates – so no extra programming was required; just plug-n-play ?


If others in the office want to cheat at Zumo wrestling and use Bluetooth to control their bots (wrestling has to be complete autonomous), this baby has code to hack and control the Bluetooth link, thus making my Zumo’s opponent a ‘Slave to my Machine’ 

To learn how to wire-up and operate this device head on over to Adafruit’s LEARN section:

Side view for comparison:


And another frontal:


I really need to solder on some more headers, or a prototype-board to tidy up all those wires; but this is really just a proto-type.

PS: One member of our Team had an Arduino Yun lying around in his electronics kit.  He decided to have has bot completely wireless using 802.11n and programmed a simple web interface to control his bot ?

This post is our last for robotics week.  I hope all our readers have been having fun this week with their own robotics kit, if not I hope its inspired some of our readers to go out and buy some kits and have fun.  I personal enjoyed reading: (ISBN:978-1430231837) which will get me into building bigger projects ?