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Why Netskope?

Netskope made a name for themselves as a world class Cloud Application Security Broker (CASB). But Netskope’s back-end architecture is purpose built to support a maturing data protection strategy over time.

More than any other vendor, Netskope provides the power to support a Gartner Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) model. The Netskope engineering teams recognize that the future of data and network security will be delivered as microservices in the cloud. Netskope enables adoption of its solutions by ensuring they are both effective, highly performant, and able to meet the demands of an increasingly remote workforce.

With their world-class CASB, Public Cloud Infrastructure Security solutions, next generation Secure Web Gateway, Zero Trust Network Access, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions, Netskope has built a broad array of capabilities to meet the challenges of the next decade and beyond.

Why InteliSecure for Netskope?

The reason is simple: Netskope aligns with InteliSecure’s vision that data security is the most important of the pillars of cloud security. As the world’s premier provider of managed data protection services, InteliSecure is uniquely positioned to enable the advanced capabilities of Netskope’s world-class, cloud-based data protection platform.

InteliSecure and Netskope are well matched to collaboratively apply data protections to all traffic—regardless of source or destination—and deliver those protectionsas an autoscaling cloud service.

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“COVID-19 significantly accelerated our digital transformation plans. Concurrently, we were working with InteliSecure to evaluate Netskope as a replacement for our current DLP vendor. It was clear that InteliSecure was not trying to replace a like technology but rather to move our security posture into a new era of cybersecurity. We came for a DLP replacement, we left with a Secure Web Gateway, DLP, CASB, and Private Access solution —delivered in a single cloud-based platform. We have been able to decommission several on-premises hardware -based solutions and have ended the painful practice of routing traffic through overloaded VPN devices as the majority of our workforce has gone remote.”

—CISO, Financial Services Organization

Feeling SASE

Both Netskope and InteliSecure have been moving towards Gartner’s SASE vision since well before it had a name.

InteliSecure understand that comprehensive data protection requires services like DLP, Secure Web Gateway, Secure Email Gateway, and CASB working in unison to be effective. Our portfolio throughout the years has matched that vision.

Netskope similarly realized very early on that their destiny was to be far more than a leading CASB technology. Now that Gartner has named the SASE space and Netskope has demonstrated significant market traction, many other solutions providers are trying to catch up to the shared vision of InteliSecure and Netskope.

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SASE as a Service

The SASE vision is powerful and broad. Delivering all of these capabilities in an entirely new architecture presents security teams with a significant learning curve.

Many organizations have embraced InteliSecure’s Managed Data Protection Services offerings, gaining the on-demand “people in the cloud” required to optimize the security technologies of Netskope Security Cloud.

Most organizations do not want to scale resources and personnel up and down based on load and volume. InteliSecure Managed Data Protection Services offer organizations the flexibility and scalability to apply the right expertise to the right problem at the right cost basis, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the program in a way that is impossible to accomplish with internal staffing.

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