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InteliSecure platform solutions bring intelligent data security solutions to life.


We Build Solutions that Simplify Data Protection

When you establish a managed data protection services program with InteliSecure, you get access to our highly experienced and trusted data security experts. You also get the means to facilitate highly effective and timely communication, reporting, and actions between our team and yours.

InteliSecure platform solutions are technology augmentations that simplify data protection for your internal teams by:

  • Automating, speeding, and streamlining policy creation, management, and monitoring
  • Centralizing and standardizing key security event information to enable transparency across all your data loss prevention (DLP) tools
  • Providing real-time reporting that’s easy for key stakeholders to understand and use
  • Enabling a clear focus on true-positive incidents and actionable information to address them

“With InteliSecure, I have full visibility into the location and use of our sensitive data. We’ve improved visibility by 92%, significantly reducing risk to our financials and reputation.”

— CISO, Regional Bank


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