Penetration Testing Services

Identify and Remediate Security Gaps Before Others Can Exploit Them

Our team is trained to think and act like real-world malicious attackers.

Infrastructure Testing

  • External Infrastructure testing provides a view of your current security posture and state of Internet-facing systems.
  • Internal Infrastructure testing provides an understanding of the potential impact of a malicious or disgruntled employee, or another attacker with a foothold in your network.
  • Cloud Infrastructure testing ensures confidentiality, integrity and availability of your critical infrastructure in the public cloud.

Determines actions users could take to affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your sensitive information.

  • Evaluates potential for users to obtain admin privileges.
  • Checks user restrictions for accessing sensitive files.
  • Investigates ability to impersonate other users.

“InteliSecure’s approach is unique and refreshing. It’s frustrating trying to find testing consistency for our United States operations. I like how InteliSecure has standardized testing in the UK and has brought it to the US marketplace.”

Director of Information Security for Global Oil and Gas Company

Application Testing

  • Web Application Testing includes a wide range of external and internal applications covering financial, telecommunications, retail, national infrastructure and government (U.K. only) sectors.
  • Testing conforms to Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) methodologies.
  • Mobile Application Testing checks if an application stores data correctly on the device and whether it detects ‘rooted’ or ‘jailbroken’ usage. We test Android, iOS, and wearable devices.
  • Desktop Application Testing assesses how applications interact with network resources, such as how they authenticate users and secure data while in use.
Simulated Targeted Attack and Response (STAR)

  • Simulates “war games” against sensitive data.
  • Tests how sensitive data are protected from external, bad actors.
Additional Testing Services

  • Our skilled team can perform a variety of other tests, such as Red Team/Purple Team, Social Engineering, and completely custom approaches.
  • Contact us to learn more!