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We think like real hackers do.

And we show you the way to greater data protection.

Do more than check a box.

Many think penetration testing is a necessary evil, simply another compliance requirement to meet. But the quality of your data protection depends on the quality of your testing, and not all providers are alike. That’s why experts say you should work with multiple, high quality vendors to avoid security blind spots.

Ordering, scheduling, and tracking progress for pen testing services can be a hassle, however. Then there’s the final report. Can you make sense of what to fix?

Hack your applications and infrastructure like the real criminals do.  InteliSecure engineers use all the tricks—including some only a few know about. Our team perform Red Team/Purple Team, Social Engineering, and Simulated Targeted Attack and Response (STAR) scenarios. We can also create custom testing approaches.

Order testing online, quickly and easily. Our service portal tells you everything you need to know. Schedule testing and view progress anywhere, any time.

Get reports that tell you what to do next. We don’t just tell you what failed—we show you practical ways to close your security gaps. This saves you valuable time and effort.

Verify that your applications and infrastructure will withstand future attacks.  Unlike other services, we re-test areas of concern for no added fee. We want the same thing you do: fix it and move on.

Track Progress Every Step of the Way

Our innovative service portal makes quoting, ordering, scheduling, and tracking easier. Just select what you need and we’ll do the rest.

Directions in Plain English

Our reports are clear and actionable. Not only do we tell you what’s wrong, we help you make it right.

Infrastructure Testing Makes Your Foundation Rock-Solid

Test your external, internal, and cloud infrastructure to get a clear view of your current security posture and internet-facing systems. You’ll understand the potential impact that could be caused by a malicious employee or another attacker with a foothold in your network—and you’ll see how to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability in the cloud.

Application Testing Checks for Data Leaks

Test desktop, web, and mobile applications to determine whether they properly store data, interact with network resources, authenticate users, and secure data while in use. InteliSecure application testing conforms to Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) methodologies and covers financial, telecommunications, retail, national infrastructure, and government (UK only) sectors.

Configuration Reviews Leave No Stone Unturned

Sometimes improper set-ups, outdated patches, and unclear procedures allow breaches to occur. Review the configuration of your networks, devices, servers, and cloud data centers to ensure they support your data protection policies and meet regulatory and internal governance requirements.

Penetration Testing

Harden your defenses – Today.