Pentura is Delicious!!!



Well… maybe I did the easy joke, but I couldn’t resists!!!I had never use any kind of bookmarks, even local ones. I try to remember the links or at least the keywords of the article or post to be able to localize it later using Bing or Google. But today I change something in my life… well, at least in my working life 

 I’m starting to use bookmarks!I added a small box in the right of the blog showing the RSS of the new delicious account I created for Pentura to store all these links about security I consider interesting around the web. Some of them will be in Spanish (I’m sorry…) but you can easily translate them using online translators 

I also added my personal twitter account, where you can follow my public timeline with funny security jokes, thoughts about how stupid can be sometimes the bugs I found and maybe personal stuff between friends around the world. Again I’ll try to keep it in English, but sometimes replies goes in Spanish.Bye!