Pentura Named as a Certified Provider for UK Cyber Essentials Scheme



We are proud to announce this week that Pentura has been named as an accredited security provider under the recently launched Cyber Essentials Scheme.  Launched last week by the UK Government, and managed and reviewed by regulator CREST, the scheme is part of UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy and provides an independent assessment of the essential security controls that organisations need to have in place to mitigate risks from internet-borne threats. This includes internet connected end-user devices such as desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, and internet connected systems including email, web and application servers.

Announcing the launch Universities and Science Minister David Willetts said: “We already spend more online than any other major country in the world, and this is in no small part because Britain is already a world leader in cybersecurity. Developing this new scheme will give consumers further confidence that business and government have defences in place to protect against the most common cyber threats.”

In essence it represents a base level standard that all organisations should look at meeting, and has specifically been designed with smaller organisations in mind.  Given the ongoing battle against large scale attacks, such as Zeus and CryptoLocker, the scheme will hopefully give both consumers and businesses further confidence that the organisations they deal with have appropriate security measures and defences in place to protect against cyber threats.

If you are interested in an assessment, or getting help in improving your organisation’s security stance, please contact us: