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Steven Drew, CEO

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Dashboard: InteliSecure Aperture is designed to pull disparate Microsoft solutions together to provide a comprehensive view of the information related to data protection. Microsoft has a variety of tools that are effective at their assigned tasks, but in order to effectively deliver data protection, you need a holistic picture.

Incident Screen: The alerts that come in from different Microsoft solutions are not uniform in the way they come in and sometimes lack context. InteliSecure Aperture aggregates the necessary information to make good decisions with respect to data protection events and provides an enterprise-class workflow to provide collaboration and true incident management capabilities.

Attribute Binding: Part of providing context is not just identifying a user name, but then tying that user name to additional attributes in Active Directory. Rather than having to know the AD structure and how to write LDAP scripts, InteliSecure Aperture allows clients to bind directly to their AD structure and select which attributes in the structure may be helpful in analyzing events or investigating incidents.

Progression Statuses: Most organizations use statuses for data protection workflows. Most solutions allow clients to develop custom statuses and some of those statuses indicate an event is in a final status and some indicate it is being worked on. InteliSecure Aperture has developed the ability to designate which statuses are which and build metrics for operational efficiency like Mean time to Respond (MttR).

Role-Based Access Control with Conditional Access: One of the benefits of pulling users and binding Active Directory attributes is it allows for the deepening of Role-Based Access control in the system. Often large organizations have requirements beyond just what actions are available to users. For example, perhaps incidents should only be available for business unit review if they are assigned a certain status that verifies they are accurate and not part of testing. Perhaps there are business units in different geographies that should only be reviewed by analysts in their region. Regardless of the reason, InteliSecure Aperture provides organizations with the ability to narrowly define who can see what in order to facilitate endless customizations of the response process.