Design, Implement, and Validate Your Data Protection Program


InteliSecure helps you protect your most sensitive information throughout your program’s life cycle.

Threats and Regulations are Changing Fast. How Can You Keep Up?

Today’s environment demands high degrees of compliance and instant responsiveness, but comprehensive Information Security options are expensive, time-consuming, and complex. Even though your company’s reputation and significant monetary fines are at risk, your time and resources are always limited. It’s easy to fall behind.

You must build your data protection strategy on a solid foundation by understanding who is using sensitive information, how it moves, and where it’s most at risk. Then you must deploy people, process and technology across your enterprise to systematically protect your critical data assets. It’s a tall order, even without juggling all your other priorities.

Define and Secure Your Critical Data Assets

Protect your intellectual property (IP) and your customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) from constantly emerging threats—both external and internal. Start by understanding your vulnerabilities and developing a comprehensive strategy for prevention.

Stay on Top of Compliance

Navigate the constantly changing compliance landscape easier—and with less stress—than ever before. We help you build technology and program solutions that comply with the toughest regulations by leveraging our experience and specialized expertise.

Select and Implement Technology

Get the job done by tasking us to do it for you. We work with all the major technology providers in data protection—DLP, CASB, SIEM, UEBA, you name it—and we add our proven security policies to get you up and running fast.

Enable Users and Daily Business Processes

Operate safely and effectively by balancing business needs with protecting your organization against accidental compromise and malicious attacks. Our solutions help you change user behaviors for the better across your enterprise, ensuring a safer computing environment for all.

Align Security Needs with Business Needs

We literally wrote the book on Critical Asset Protection Program (CAPP) methodology, an industry-leading approach to discover, validate, and protect your organization’s most sensitive information.  We design your program in conjunction with the people who know specifically what’s sensitive and what’s not—your business managers.

Develop Effective Governance

We help you structure your decision-making groups, defining roles, responsibilities and processes so your IT team and senior leaders can quickly interpret and act on potential threats without hesitation. Your staff works like a well-oiled data protection machine.

Deploy Solutions

Our technology experts help you architect, implement, test, integrate, train, and maintain new security software from the world’s top providers. You get an extra pair of hands right when you need them, and with over 800 implementations under our belt, you know we’ll do it right.

Choose the InteliSecure Professional Services Right for You:

Critical Asset Protection Program (CAPP) Scope

Identify your critical assets, outline the Governance and Working Group members, and provide a roadmap for your data protection program.

Program Design

Fully integrate DLP with business practices, protecting your critical assets with minimum disruption to company workflows.

System Design and Implementation

Design, implement and integrate security solutions within your organization’s infrastructure.

Policy Deployment and Tuning

Leverage InteliSecure’s proven policies or develop entirely new ones that accurately detect security events and minimize the number of “false positives.”

Policy Governance

Define the policy development, testing, and deployment process for targeting the data content and context vital to your business requirements.

Event Triage and Incident Management

Establish the active response measures: detecting, mitigating, resolving, and preventing security incidents and escalated events.

Reporting and KPIs

Define the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that track program performance aligned with your business requirements.

Professional Services

Get the expert help you need—from the people you can trust.