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Why Proofpoint?

The modern world demands that you put people at the center of your security strategy.

Your business doesn’t operate from a single location, and your employees require access to the data they use in their jobs from any device and any location. Security approaches focused on networks or devices are outdated in this dynamic, dispersed environment.

People-centric security puts people where they belong— at the center of everything you do. Whether you are supporting your people by protecting their email, their interactions with cloud services, or their data, it is incumbent upon each organization to reduce their risk.

Proofpoint’s solutions allow organizations to cover their broader technology ecosystem with integrated, isolative, and adaptive controls.

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Why InteliSecure for Proofpoint?

InteliSecure has been at the forefront of the movement toward comprehensive data protection programs. Our strategic approach involves providing services that optimize technologies such as data protection, cloud security, web and email gateways, and behavior analysis technologies.

We bring together these technologies to design a strategic data protection program that grows and matures with your business.

InteliSecure’s unparalleled expertise in building comprehensive data security programs is the perfect complement to Proofpoint’s People-Centric Security Program.

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People-Centric Security: Holistic Managed Data Protection

Proofpoint has a long history of providing innovative products to their customers. They anticipate trends and innovate before they manifest. As a well-established leader in the email gateway space, Proofpoint has demonstrated time and again that they have the ability to keep enterprises a step ahead of risk.

Recently, Proofpoint has made several intriguing acquisitions and organic innovations that have helped them create their People-Centric Security Program. This platform combines world-class behavior analytics technologies with cloud security and data protection capabilities.

The result is a comprehensive technology ecosystem that helps clients protect information and support people while reducing risk to the organization.


People-Centric Security Program

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The Benefits of Experience: Data Protection ROI

Increasingly, technology leaders like Proofpoint are moving away from point products and towards suites of solution capabilities. However, although the breadth of capabilities will strengthen your available security posture, translating insights from security tools into security results is not always an intuitive process.

Even with conceptual understanding, results require people, skills, and processes that may not yet be a core competency. It can be difficult for your security teams to apply the right tool for each situation and build a strategic program to support the technology.

The InteliSecure team provides experience and expertise to help you deploy the right capability at the right time. With our help, you will achieve measurable risk reduction—and a return on your security investments.

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As a vendor-neutral provider, InteliSecure offers the breadth of experience needed to help you build a business-centric data protection program.

Set up a personal whiteboard session with one of our Solutions Architects, and we’ll help you figure out how to select the right technology, keep you abreast of what is changing in the landscape, and—if a switch is necessary—help you execute that transition with minimal disruption.

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