Rooted Con 2010



I’m today at Madrid, at the first Rooted Con conferences. They are going to be in Spanish only but I’ll try to post a small report of all the things they show here.

Is planned the release of two 0days bugs. One in the Oracle Financials 12 software and other in an undetermined software. I’ll post more details about they 

Also we are going to have another great speaks about well-know pentesting tools. One of them is going to be about the release of Wifislax 4.0 by Sergio Gonzalez. It’s a live-cd linux distribution focused on wifi networks intrusion testing and I’m expecting a great work and for sure some new functionalities.

Other tool to be released is the Foca 2.0. Foca is a fingerprinting tool to map a company network using the metadata included in the documents all companies offers in their websites. In this second version they integrated it with the Shodan search engine and the option to perform a DNS zone transfer attack. I know very well the people behind this tool and I know is going to the an impressive release 

But no all is going to be releasing new tools, we are going to have also speaks about other topics like forensic, rootkits and hacker’s world in comics! Looks for me like a very complete conferences.

I have to leave you now because the first speak is going to start…