InteliSecure Strategic Partner: Rootshell

Protect against ever-evolving cyberthreats with continuous next-generation penetration testing.


Why Rootshell?

Many think penetration testing is a necessary evil—simply another compliance requirement to meet. Rootshell has long understood that the value of testing goes far beyond simply checking a box.

Rootshell’s mission is to provide the best tools, products, services, and people, in a tailored, continuous program of testing, assessment, and intelligence; delivered as actionable insight, in a single pane of glass.

Through their approach, organizations gain the confidence that comes from a true understanding of their security posture—and the empowerment that comes from having the insights to act on incoming threats.

If you’re ready to maximize your penetration testing program benefits, InteliSecure can help.

Why Penetration Testing with Rootshell?

As the leading provider of managed data protection services, InteliSecure promotes the practice of continuous improvement for your data protection program. Our partners at Rootshell embrace the same approach. They help clients utilize a penetration testing practice that enables meaningful insights, measurement, and proactive actions to protect critical data assets.

As our fully autonomous sister company, Rootshell has delivered continuous value to InteliSecure clients while expanding and developing innovative technologies and services to continuously adapt to the rapidly changing threat landscape.

Together, our organizations provide the cutting edge of threat identification, management, and mitigation solutions. The result is a data protection program that is customized to provide targeted business outcomes while ensuring ongoing, actionable information to support informed decision-making.

Learn more about what to look for in your penetration testing partner.

Download the white paper: Evaluating a Penetration Testing Company

“We regularly test all areas of our business including infrastructure and web apps, and we leverage red-teaming services. Since engaging with Rootshell Security, we have experienced a very efficient service. With results delivered through an easy-to-use platform, we have been able to migrate to a more continuous testing methodology.”

—CISO, Large Telecommunications Company

Continuous, Real-Time Penetration Testing and Intelligence

InteliSecure and Rootshell understand that periodic, point-in-time pen test engagements provide little ongoing value. Applying a scattershot of tests to disparate assessment and intelligence tools can hinder the efforts of your team to visualize, prioritize, and mitigate the most pressing threats.

In contrast, a program of continuous testing, provided as part of a comprehensive, real-time security strategy, provides actionable information—in a program that enables and prepares your team to handle it.

The Rootshell approach provides an integrated program of timely insights. When delivered inside an established, comprehensive data protection program such as InteliSecure’s managed data protection services, you benefit from a continuous, real-time security strategy—and greater protection against cyber threats.

Ongoing Enterprise Class Penetration Testing

Annual, project-based, or periodic penetration testing no longer provides meaningful value. Learn about Rootshell’s CyberCare services, an ongoing testing program that enables more effective risk management.

Download the CyberCare information sheet

Certifications and Professional Accreditations

Our penetration testing partners at Rootshell hold Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) and Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP) certifications as well as certifications from CREST, CHECK, Cyber Essentials, and Tigerscheme.


Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST)

CREST is an international organization promoting stringent standards for penetration testing and incident response services. As an accredited member of CREST, you can be assured that InteliSecure’s services meet specific quality guidelines in executing penetration testing services.

Cyber Essentials (U.K.)

Cyber Essentials, developed in conjunction with the U.K. government, the Information Security Forum (ISF), Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises Consortium (IASME), and the British Standards Institution (BSI), helps organizations deploy effective information security practices. InteliSecure provides services to assist organizations become Cyber Essentials and/or Cyber Essentials Plus certified.


CHECK organizations are approved by the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to provide penetration testing to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend effective security countermeasures for Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) and other public sector bodies.

Tigerscheme (U.K.)

Tigerscheme is a UK-based commercial certification program for technical security specialists providing penetration testing services. Certification testing includes both written and live exercises related to theoretical and practical skills, to ensure the highest quality of services are provided by penetration testing professionals. Certification includes both service delivery and technical knowledge. Certifications include penetration testing, forensics, web applications, health checks and first responder.

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